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Read the case study below, on how SafetyBox helps local charity keep on top of their Health and Safety requirements.


The Children’s Family Trust (CFT) started in 1945. Paul Field, the founder saw that a lot of children had no support and were not being looked after and many had lost their parents in the war. He took children into his own home and looked after them as part of his own family. Paul wanted all children to have the opportunity to have a home where they could feel safe, supported and loved. So he set about finding other couples who shared his vision, hence fostering started and the company was founded.

The trust has continued to grow and now operates out of five regional offices across the UK


They needed a way of ensuring that all five locations across the UK were using the most up to date documents, as well as having an easy-to-use online system for recording incidents, including near misses and alerting senior managers quickly in the event of serious incidents. The organisation also needed an efficient reporting system to record monthly health and safety audits at each of their offices, where the results could be analysed quickly and easily.

CFT were already using Sentinel Safety Solutions as their health and safety consultants and they recommended SafetyBox, so they thought they would give it a try. Sentinel provided training on Teams for all key managers and staff on how to use the SafetyBox features. It ticked all the boxes for their specific needs from contractor management to ensuring all staff use the correct documents. The team found it was very easy to use and quick to implement.


Paresh Samat, Head of Finance at CFT comments, “As a charity we must consider costs, but we also know the value of keeping our staff, carers, visitors and suppliers safe. SafetyBox provides a cost-effective solution for us. The online portal provides us with a complete overview of everything that is happening across our offices. It also helps keep staff constantly engaged in health and safety.

All our information is available in one place and everyone is using the most up to date documentation. It allows us to compare results across offices and we can provide reports at the touch of a button. We can demonstrate to the CEO, trustees and any regulatory bodies such as local authorities and Ofsted, that we are compliant with health and safety regulations. It’s even had a positive impact with our insurance company.”

Himmat Rai, Director, Sentinel Safety Solutions adds, “SafetyBox allows organisations to manage safety risks effectively, particularly over multiple locations. It’s a simple but cost-effective online portal, helping deal with the day-to-day challenges, that all companies face in keeping people safe and complying with legal requirements. It is great to see that SafetyBox can help local charities like CFT and they are seeing huge benefits.”

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