You can rest assured that any data uploaded to SafetyBox will be securely stored and only accessible by the persons with permission to do so. We are also certified by Cyber Essentials, which means that our cyber security arrangements have been independently approved.

Yes, you can try SafetyBox free for 30 days, in order to make the transition to using the software smooth and straightforward.

Yes, that’s absolutely fine. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements and we will provide you a quote.

Yes, SafetyBox is compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones. You can switch between devices in real time. For example, you can start recording an incident on the PC on your desk and continue inputting data and photos or video from smart device in the factory, warehouse or store.

Yes, SafetyBox features can be used for a wide range of tasks that take advantage of the fact that it is cloud-based and available on smart devices. For example, the document portal can be used for securely sharing technical documents rather than employees having to carry printed folders and files on site. The monitoring feature can be used to check any systems in the workplace. For example, some of our clients use this for carrying out internal audits for Environmental Management systems such as ISO 14001 and quality systems such as ISO 9001, as well as safety for ISO 45001.

Yes, absolutely. Any data that you upload to SafetyBox whether this is details of accidents or safety audits, can be downloaded to your PC or emailed easily.

Yes, our highly qualified and experienced safety consultants would be happy to assist you with any safety issues including legal compliance, accident investigation, developing health & safety policies, safe systems of work and a wide range of risk assessments. We can also provide IOSH and HABC accredited training courses, as well bespoke courses and an extensive range of online training courses. Please contact us at support@sentinelsafety.co.uk or 01527 833834

Please contact us at support@sentinelsafety.co.uk or 01527 833834

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