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Contractor Management although necessary, can be time wasting if not done efficiently. Anyone engaging contractors to complete work on their behalf have a legal obligation, to ensure that their health and safety arrangements are fully vetted and that they have completed the onboarding process before commencing work. Not completing this prior vetting, risks non-compliance, resulting in a huge fine or much worse a major incident causing serious harm.

But we all know chasing contractors for health and safety documentation, to ensure they are compliant can be a complete nightmare. It’s extremely time consuming and can be very frustrating. A traditional paper-based system of managing this process can be cumbersome as there is more opportunity for human error to occur, including:


Misplaced paperwork

  Contractors slipping through the net, without being fully vetted

  Paperwork not received or incomplete

  Non-compliance with GDPR

  Documentation expiring and not being updated


The Contractor Management feature in SafetyBox has been designed to minimise these worries!


It enables you to:

  Send an electronic contractor questionnaire and request all of their health and safety documentation and insurance details with one quick email link

  They have the ability to uploaded easily and safely to the SafetyBox portal, so no lost documents and completely secure and GDPR compliant

  Documents can be easily and quickly retrieved at any time, saving filing and storage space

  SafetyBox will notify you on receiving the completed documents, so you can ensure prequalification of contractors in advance of their visit and inform them

  You can send site induction instructions in advance without wasting time, so they can commence their work straight away without lost time costing money

You can set reminders for when documentation expires so you always have the most up to date documentation.


Find out more about the contractor management feature and how other SafetyBox features can help improve your organisation’s legal compliance, efficiency and productivity by visiting

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