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SafetyBox makes it easy for you to prevent workplace incidents by the effective monitoring and recording of safety standards. However, in the event of an incident occurring, SafetyBox enables the right information and supporting evidence to be collected quickly and stored safely on our cloud-based portal.

So, if the incident results in a claim for compensation, you will be able to deal with it quickly and efficiently. No more searching around for long lost records such as accident investigation reports, photos and witness statements. All the relevant information to safeguard the company’s interests is readily to hand.

Our document portal ensures that all key individuals have access to up to date policies, procedures and supporting records. This promotes a consistent approach to risk management across the whole organisation, regardless of the number and geographical location of sites.

SafetyBox is health & safety software designed by Sentinel Safety’s highly qualified safety practitioners with experience of enforcing safety law and working as consultants to businesses from SMEs through to major multinationals. It is designed to help you to comply with the law and defend spurious claims for compensation. This in turn will result in lower insurance premiums.

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