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The purpose, of health & safety risk management software, is to actively mitigate risks in the workplace. The software should enable risks to be identified, by regular monitoring. So that you can take the relevant action to prevent accidents, ill-health or other losses. These risks could arise from a diverse range of hazards, including falls from heights, electrical, hazardous substances, vehicles and fork-lift trucks to name a few, all issues that could affect your employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.


SafetyBox is an example of health & safety risk management software. It includes a clear dashboard, where you can access real-time insights. The visual charts and graphs instantly highlight the company’s risk management performance, enabling you to make better informed decisions.

A variety of companies offer health & safety risk management software, so why is SafetyBox different?

SafetyBox is incredibly user-friendly! The intuitive functionality means that you can carry out safety audits quickly and efficiently. You can manage multiple sites all in one place and ensure that vital data and supporting evidence on any incidents is captured in a timely manner. The cloud-based portal provides a complete overview of your organisation’s performance and you are quickly alerted in the event of serious incidents such as RIDDOR reportable injuries.

  You can easily capture and store supporting evidence such as images, video, witness statements etc should an incident occur

  You can save time and effort completing risk assessments by choosing from pre-loaded options, covering workplace hazards and typical risk controls.

The safety planner feature also enables you to set up reminders for future tasks and set up email alerts for fire alarms and maintenance checks.

The training module keeps track of training requirements based on their role and the training matrix highlights any training gaps and refresher training that may be required.

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