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Interested in purchasing health and safety software but not sure where to start?

With the abundance of health and safety software systems on the market and if you are not sure what you should look for it, can be a real headache!

We have put together five top tips to ensure you buy the right health and safety software for your business.

1. Compliance

Record-keeping and evidence of legal compliance? This is one of the most important aspects, as you need to be able to record all incidents including near misses. Not only to help prevent incidents but also to have all the information to hand, should an incident result in a compensation claim or legal proceedings, where the organisation could be put at risk.

SafetyBox, health and safety software, was designed 5 years ago, by Sentinel Safety’s highly qualified Safety practitioners, with extensive experience of enforcing safety law and working as consultants to businesses from SMEs through to major multinationals. It was specifically designed to help organisations comply with the law and defend spurious claims for compensation. This in turn results in lower insurance premiums.

The software effectively monitors and records safety standards to prevent workplace incidents. However, should an incident occur SafetyBox enables the right information and supporting evidence to be collected quickly and stored safely. If the incident does result in a claim, you will be able to deal with it efficiently and easily all from one place. No more searching through boxes of filing and losing records.

Find our more https://safetybox.io/why-use-safetybox/

2. Functionality

Does the software meet your strategic and operational business needs, both current and future? Can you submit incident reports, schedule training, manage contractors, write risk assessments, have the capacity to create your own checklists without expensive development fees? Can you upload photographic and video evidence that could be crucial should a claim occur? Can you set reminders for safety tasks such as fire alarm testing, maintenance, LOLER inspections and refresher training? It is much simpler for one system to cover your requirements then having to manage multiple systems for each area.

Find out more here https://safetybox.io/features/

3. Ease of Use

Finding easy-to-use health and safety software is imperative, to gain more adoption of use through your organisation. The objective is to save time, not to make things more complicated. SafetyBox has an easy-to-use dashboard and reporting at just a click of a button. It has intuitive functionality which means you can carry out safety audits quickly without any fuss from preloaded checklists covering common workplace hazards, saving you time. You also need to consider what support is available with regards to training. Is someone available on the end of a phone? Are demos, training videos and user guides available?

Check out our demo video here https://www.safetybox.io/#video

4. Technology

Does the system load quickly? Does it require the installation of expensive software to be able to use? Is it compatible with your current electronic devices? Will your data be secure? SafetyBox can be used on multiple devices from smartphones, tablets and desktops, which means you could start an audit on your desktop PC and continue away from your desk on a smart device seemlessly. All data is stored safely and securely in the cloud with the reassurance of cyber essentials certification.

A few more useful FAQs here https://safetybox.io/faqs/

5. Cost

Make sure you are only paying for what your business needs, you don’t need a complex system, if you will only use certain functionality, so think about your original business objectives. Find out the cost structure of the software. Is it a one-off fee or a monthly or yearly subscription? Is there a minimum contract term? Are there any software update costs required? Do they offer a free trial so you can explore for yourself?

Check out information on SafetyBox’s pricing here https://www.safetybox.io/pricing/


We hope these top tips assist you when purchasing a health and safety software system. If you would like to request a free 30-day trial of SafetyBox (no credit card required) or request an online demo, please contact us here https://safetybox.io/contact/