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The Covid 19 pandemic has resulted in catastrophic consequences around the world as Governments juggle protecting people’s health and minimizing the impact on the economy. Many businesses have closed their doors, while others have managed to survive with the help of financial support from the Government. It is inevitable that financial pressures on companies resulted in less focus on managing health and safety risks. However, some industry sectors have continued to work throughout the lockdowns and others have thrived by pivoting and making the most of the opportunities available. In all circumstances the obligations on businesses for the duty of care of employees, customers, contractors and visitors has not changed.

We have all got used to using technology such as videocalls, apps for take away food and online shopping. The pandemic has certainly speeded up the adoption of technology solutions in day to day working, including the use of risk management software such as SafetyBox. In following the ‘stay at home’ mantra from the Government, millions of people have successfully worked from home and it is likely that this trend will continue going forward.

Government guidance to minimize the spread of the infection includes minimizing face to face contact by working from home where possible, stopping all but essential travel, minimizing common touch surfaces such as the shared use of paper and pens. This presented serious challenges for those with responsibility for managing health and safety in the workplace, particularly for larger companies with multiple sites throughout the country or overseas. The solution came in the form of health and safety software such as SafetyBox.

Our clients use SafetyBox to monitor health and safety standards across multiple sites by  nominating users of the software at each location. This means that the Health and Safety Manager based at the Head Office no longer has to personally carryout audits at each site at all or has dramatically reduced the need for face to face audits. This also cuts down on travel time between sites, saves money on fuel and is good for the environment.

When it comes to dealing with accidents, SafetyBox is designed to capture all the critical data to investigate the accident and allows documents such as witness statements and medical reports, as well as photos, videos and CCTV footage to be uploaded easily. By using a smartphone or tablets for completing audits and accidents data, there is no longer a need for paper and pens. All of the uploaded information is securely saved in the cloud, however, this can be downloaded at any time. The document portal on SafetyBox stores all the up to date documents in one place, including the company’s health and safety policy, handbooks and supporting records. This way, you can be assured that everyone is using the current version and the need to print documents is significantly reduced.


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