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Our client operates a busy hotel, which is subject to a wide range of laws including health and safety, fire safety and food safety. This means that they must ensure that key safety procedures are carried out without fail and that they are able to demonstrate this in the event of an injury resulting from an accident or ill-health from food poisoning.

SafetyBox is versatile enough to enable effective monitoring of health and safety, fire safety and food safety standards throughout the hotel. All the relevant safety information is stored securely in the document portal and readily available to nominated managers and staff. So regardless of which shift someone is working on, they can access the relevant up to date information. In the event of a hotel guest reporting an accident, SafetyBox enables all the relevant information to be gathered including photos, video, CCTV footage, witness statements, medical reports etc. If a claim is made, all the information is stored in one place and they are able to send this to the insurer easily and quickly.

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